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The Obamas' Executive Chef at the White House Nails a 'Turnip for What'-Inspired Curry
She rocks this video! #ladyboss
Why Children, Pregnant Women Should Eat Food With Fewer Pesticides
So important for women! And in kids, pesticides are strongly linked to ADHD. #ladyboss #foodnews
From 2002-2012 the number of women-owned businesses in NYC grew 65%.
This equates to 45 new businesses daily! Across all areas, but the food industry plays a nice rol...
Has anyone read 'Forked’ a Guide to Tipped Labor & Dining Ethically?
Saru Jayaraman’s new book Forked takes on tipping, minimum wage, worker rights and helps consumer...
#Ladyboss Melissa Yanovitch launches Pursebox. Marketing ideas?
A purse + lunch box for girls. She's looking for great marketing ideas and partnerships? Sent her...
Meet F&W's New Editor: Nilou Motamed
Food & Wine's new Editor in Chief in another woman! She's Iranian and grew up in Iran, France and...
Online grocery companies are going to start taking food stamps - seems like a no brainer and glad it's happening!
"This spring, the USDA is expected to launch a pilot that will allow a limited number of internet...
13 People to Know in the Food World Right Now
"11 portraits—and 13 folks—that photographer Roman Cho wants you to know in the food world." #lad...
How to Watch All 201 Episodes of Julia Child's 'The French Chef' Online
Love this!! There has never been a more amazing #ladyboss than Julia! Streaming service Twitch is...
Meet The Woman Sciencing The S&%t Out Of Lab-Grown Animal Products
Same taste and nutrition, less environmental impact. New Harvest CEO Isha Datar is recruiting sci...