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Learned new trick from my trainer! Add fruit in your 64 oz of water - get extra fruit serving in! Eat and replace the fruit though!
Kudos to Panera for having drinks that don’t have any added sugar, and labeling them!
Drink More Water - trufflette
"Did you know that maintaining a positive intake of fluid throughout the day can make the differe...
Midnight snacking may up heart disease, diabetes risk: Report - The Financial Express
"Eating during the night may increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes by disrupting the bo...
Mushroom Risotto with Brown Rice
Mushroom risotto with brown rice, a sunny side egg and a side of sautéed kale. 😋 This brown rice ...
Ladies night! A late night snack sliced bananas and strawberries with some chai tea on the side! Great support group!
Banana Chocolate Chip Superfood Cookies
Pot Sticker Stir-Fry - Nom Nom Paleo®
"Pot Sticker Stir-Fry is a simple, family-friendly, one-pan weeknight meal. This Whole30-friendly...
Ate my servings of veggies before anything else on the plate to avoid becoming full on the other items! Ate less as a result! 👍🏼
Fruit for breakfast
If I eat a piece of fruit during breakfast, it’s really not too hard to get the rest of my fruits...