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Online grocery companies are going to start taking food stamps - seems like a no brainer and glad it's happening!
"This spring, the USDA is expected to launch a pilot that will allow a limited number of internet...
13 People to Know in the Food World Right Now
"11 portraits—and 13 folks—that photographer Roman Cho wants you to know in the food world." #lad...
How to Watch All 201 Episodes of Julia Child's 'The French Chef' Online
Love this!! There has never been a more amazing #ladyboss than Julia! Streaming service Twitch is...
Meet The Woman Sciencing The S&%t Out Of Lab-Grown Animal Products
Same taste and nutrition, less environmental impact. New Harvest CEO Isha Datar is recruiting sci...
Food Lab Conference with Carla Hall
A day of panels on food, drink, food education and starting an edible business. Carla Hall is the...
Stony Brook Southampton
Do you think macho kitchen culture and male celebrity chefs deter women from the kitchen?
Do male chef role models command more attention than women? Or is it the career vs. family quanda...
Rockstar #ladyboss Samin Nosrat!
She was just featured in Food52's 13 People to Know in the Food World Right Now, and was credited...
The great FLOTUS food fight
For the first time, the inside story of how Michelle Obama decided to change American nutrition. ...
Did anyone watch Top Chef this season? Loved Marjorie- here's an exit interview with her.
She's such a #ladyboss - so modest and honest. And incredibly talented!! "I don’t think I could h...
Highlights from the Women Chefs & Restaurateurs Conference
The 23rd Annual Women Chefs and Restaurateurs Conference took place on April 17 with WCR Presiden...