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Papaya Beauty💛 there are many ways to use papaya and even the seeds can be used to make seasoning, which I will try out. #nofoodwaste
#kitchentip for a #meatlessmonday salad- fry up some spicy chickpeas with paprika and cayenne as a salad topper
Make these ahead of time and top your salads, grain bowls, or just eat them as. Here's a good rec...
Iron Horse
Flowering kale has so many great uses - grill, sautée, garnish or just decorate with. What are others?
First zucchini blossoms!
The squash are not too far behind. When harvesting for eating, only harvest the male blossoms, wh...
The Essential Guide to Cooking Mushrooms | One Green Planet
"Mushrooms are healthy, versatile and delicious. With so many types of mushrooms, there’s always ...
Cheats Pappardelle with Slow-Braised Leeks and Crispy Porcini Pangrattato
One of the first dishes I made when I first started to cook at home. Cheating by using fresh lasa...
Skewers work great for fairytale eggplant.
Knife Skills Every Home Cook Should Master
#kitchentips "No matter how refined your palate may be, a cook who lacks good basic knife skills ...
7 Common Pasta Mistakes You Should Never Make - PureWow
"The water in the pot should be salty like the sea" #kitchentips
How to keep your fresh vegetables
Fun video, nice tips.