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Delicious antipasti made with locally foraged greens.
Layered Ricotta & Grape Tomato and Eggplant Caponata topped w/ Miners Lettuce & Sea Beans w/ Ramp...
The Plaza Hotel
Baby bunching onion.
We like to crisp up the roots in a pan and add them to our greens/salads. #nofoodwaste
Ugly produce $.99/lb at Whole Foods
Thrilled to see you can get ugly produce at Whole Foods now. Limited but a start! #NoFoodWaste
#Feeding5000NYC event photos now up on Foodstand's Facebook page!
Today we gathered together in Union Square for Feeding the 5000 NYC, which was an initiative orga...
Food Loves Tech Event!
Food Loves Tech is a first-of-its-kind innovation expo. Arranged as a series of large-scale exhib...
New York City
This happened when bananas were overripe- banana bread with poppyseed, chocolate, and pecan. #nofoodwaste
Turkey tail mushrooms/Local Turkey broth Stony Brook pumpkin seed oil and frosted mustard greens
Breakfast idea: make a papaya bowl and fill it with different things that you still have left in the fridge #nofoodwaste
Spelt bread with avocado is such a filling breakfast - with no sugar
I keep trying to avoid sugar for breakfast so I don't get hungry as quickly. Spelt bread does the...
Roasted veggies (carrot, parsnips, beetroot, fennel and red onion), baby spinach and guacamole served on top of egg fried rice
All is leftover but I made them into a healthy and quick meal #nofoodwaste