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From the Union Square Greenmarket to table - Gorgonzola, Oyster Mushroom, & Ramp Risotto
Central Park South
Today's breakfast: Papaya Bowl take 2, filled with soy yoghurt, waffle leftovers, blueberries, Crocant and lime sprinkles. #nofoodwaste
Are you ready for this vegetable fried rice? Check the recipe at
"A simple, yet delicious vegetable fried rice perfect for an easy weeknight meal..." #FoodRevolution
Keep shopping for fresh fruits and veggies!
Snagged an autograph from Michael Moss at last night's #FoodRevolution event!
Walnuts in tiny little bulgur combined well with tomatoes, onions, garlic, spices and pepper paste.. And purslane salad #FoodRevolution
"See this Instagram photo by @xtremekitchen • 112 likes" #FoodRevolution
Delicious antipasti made with locally foraged greens.
Layered Ricotta & Grape Tomato and Eggplant Caponata topped w/ Miners Lettuce & Sea Beans w/ Ramp...
The Plaza Hotel
So excited for this app. Can't wait to share + find so much food inspiration!! ❤️🍴❤️
Are you at our #FoodRevolution celebration with @diginn and Michael Moss? Say hi in the comments below!
Our #FoodBookandFilm chat will be on Facebook live if you can't join in person!
Off the grid. Next step, growing my own food.
Installed some state-of-the-art solar panels and now working on the garden. It's time for us to g...