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Beet greens chorizo omelette #nofoodwaste
Didn't know beet greens is so delicious!
Charred Cauliflower Salad
A simple charred cauliflower salad tonight with a drizzle of leftover spinach korma sauce , cherr...
Ricotta Pancakes & Strawberries
Fluffy ricotta pancakes with fresh strawberries and berry-vanilla sauce.. I'm taking advantage of...
Sweet potato, leek and fennel soup!
Did you know the fronds are edible?!
Buckwheat banana pancakes
Pesto on the brain!
After a great morning giving out samples w @sugardetoxme I have pesto on the brain! What's your f...
Brusselsflower Soup
Hopefully this soup will ward off any cold I may or may not be getting...
I opt for fingerling potatoes when they are available for speedy dinner options #kitchentips #FoodRevolution
I was feeling pretty sick, but a fresh dinner using fingerling potatoes actually is pretty quick ...
Grilled tomatillos and carrots going into two dishes featuring ramps. Nothing looks better than grilled vegetables. 😋
Make sure your coal or wood is no longer producing flames but are perfect embers. Preheat your gr...
Bloomsbury, NJ
marinara #pizza #foodfail