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11-year-old entrepreneur lands multi-million deal with Whole Foods to sell her homemade lemonade
FDA Announces Changes to the Nutrition Facts Label
Thanks to Michelle Obama! #ladyboss #foodnews #policynews "The FDA finalized the new Nutrition Fa...
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Holland woman's organic food company purchased by Kashi
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Waitress Serves Up A Solution To Her City’s Food Waste Problem
#ladyboss #NoFoodWaste "A hot tip for those who want to help the environment."
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Taking on synthetic dyes from Middle Tennesee
One of my friends from college, Sarah Bellos, is merging agriculture with dyes. Not totally food-...
Demand for Organic Food Growing in the UAE
An interview with Becky Balderstone, founder of Ripe Organic, a store, farm network, and communit...
How These Farmer Janes Are Making Organics Profitable
These superwomen have combined their individual passions for food, organic farming, and feeding l...
One Market's Food Waste Is this Woman's Ice Cream
His #ladyboss rocks. To get the fullest flavors in her ice cream, Stewart insists that overripe p...