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Change up your risotto game: Switch out arborio rice for toasted buckwheat! Asparagus Buckwheat Risotto on the blog
"Buckwheat. It’s not wheat. It’s not even a grain.  Would you believe, it is actually related to ...
Store nuts in the freezer!
Their high fat content causes them to spoil easily, and freezing them keeps them fresh. Just use/...
Seriously dirty pot or pan? Let it soak with white vinegar, baking soda and water for a few hours before scrubbing. It'll be good as new.
#kitchentips #tipoftheday
When prepping ahead, cover your bowl of lettuce with a damp kitchen towel, then place it in the fridge.
This prevents the salad from wilting or drying out in the fridge. #kitchentips #tipoftheday
Love bacon but hate the mess? Cook it on a sheet pan in the oven at 400 degrees until crisp
#kitchentips #tipoftheday
Having trouble removing the fat from a pot of stock? Refrigerate it. The fat will rise and congeal, and you can easily scoop it off with a spoon.
#kitchentips #tipoftheday
Frustrated with your knife? Flavorless dental floss is a great tool for cutting soft foods like goat cheese or cake.
#kitchentips #tipoftheday
Need help opening that pesky jar? Put a rubber band around the lid for added grip.
Use leftover frozen cranberries to make a compote. Delicious in a cocktail or over yogurt or ice cream
1 meyer lemon, diced 1 cup cranberries 1/4 cup maple syrup In a small sauce pan over low to ...
Wrap the stems of bananas to make them last longer.
This prevents the ethylene gas produced by the stems from ripening the rest of the fruit too quic...