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Chicken cacciatore , with tomato sauce & scallions with onions.
Egg Salad , Lite &! Healthy
How I Learned to Listen to My Body
When I began to define healthy boundaries and structure for myself - creating my own guide to fol...
Carrot tops are often discarded, they actually are healthy and delicious.
Everyone should look within their own country for accessble & local super food.
"Including the likes of kale, chia seeds or quinoa in your diet may not suit everyone’s wallet. T...
Roasted potatoes/garlic are an easy treat. White potatoes have higher glycemic index. Colored ones are typically lower GI.
My go-to beverage to keep my sweet tooth in check is @HARNEY's hot cinnamon spice tea.
Day 18/30: Eat Real Food Level IV
Atomic Coffee
My Banana Chia Pudding satisfies all cravings for sweets, without any added sugar.
Whether you doing The Avoid Sweets Challenge like me, Avoid Sugar at Breakfast or Avoid Added Sug...
Homemade black bean burgers!
I made these black bean burgers extra spicy, so I had to cool them down with lots of tomato, avoc...
Change yourself without a terrible wake up call!