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Westhaven sugar free yoghurt for the Aussie's out there
Went shopping recently and usually I NEVER by yoghurt because of the added sugars in every single...
Make the most of melon season: quick salad of honeydew, cucumber & feta in a lemon, honey, EVOO & poppyseed dressing. Agua Fresca to drink!
Try Cinnamon in Your Coffee Instead of Cream and Sugar | Greatist
"Here's why you should consider changing up your morning routine."
One if my new fave dishes - sprouted mung bean citrus salad!
Day 2/14: Fill 50% of your plate with Fruits and Veggies Level IV
Delicious Indian-inspired Food in Oakland at Juhu Beach Club!
Great to hear from Chef Preeti Mistry at Foodinno 2017! She shops at the local farmers markets tw...
No sugary breakfast!
Day 8/30: Eat Real Food Level IV Avo toast with onions jalape├▒os and topped with an egg. The toa...
I went at a vegan restaurant yesterday! I'm not vegan but it was amazing­čś▒ if you happen to visit Athens, pass by avocado restaurant
Local farm eggs are truly an awesome benefit to life.
Hearty salad!
Day 14/14: Avoid Sugar at Breakfast Level III
Cacao Tree Cafe