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Do you think food policy and law need attention? If so, Emily Broad Leib is your gal! Behind The Plate with Emily!
#ladyboss Emily Broad Leib is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, and t...
Keep Your Eyes on These 30 Change Makers Under 30
There are a lot of women on this list! #ladyboss "When it comes to changing the food system, The ...
Women Feed the World
Interesting thought piece about women being the key to changing the way our nations eats #ladyboss
A Restaurant That Only Serves Its Food In Jars Is Opening Near NYU
Foodstander @ancolienyc serves seasonal food with an eco-friendly twist! #foodnews #ladyboss
Meet bestselling author, food educator, and total #ladyboss Anna Lappé!
Anna Lappé is a bestselling author and food educator, focusing on food systems and sustainability...
Farm Tools for Women, by Women
So cool! #ladyboss #foodnews "Green Heron Tools makes farm tools for women designed to reduce inj...
The State of the Domestic Goddess - Eater
"Every era gets the domestic goddesses it deserves, and in 2016, we have Gwyneth Paltrow and Chri...
Between Machismo and Matriarchy
How Mexican women inflated the status of cooking from domestic work to celebrated art. #ladyboss
Just realized the zucchini I bought at Whole Foods yesterday is from @KristenBeddard family's farm!
Lady Moon Farms! Making roast zucchini with basil and Pecorino cheese for dinner.
Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat is going to be amazing!
She is such a #ladyboss - taught Michael Pollan to cook, and is now writing this rad book. Can't ...