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#NoFoodWaste #nosugar breakfast in a jiffy.
Day 3/30: Avoid Sugar at Breakfast Level IV Mashed up leftover cauliflower and mushrooms from di...
Midnight snacking may up heart disease, diabetes risk: Report - The Financial Express
"Eating during the night may increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes by disrupting the bo...
Happy Election Day! This brekkie has been on the menu for a solid week and it doesn’t get old. Prepped in a total of 2.5 minutes
Sprouted grain bread, avocado, scrambled egg Day 1/14: Avoid Sugar at Breakfast Level III
Roasted Butternut Squash, Chestnut Miso Soup served with Crispy Sage
Another heart warming soup recipe is up on the blog now!
Coconut and Chickpea Curry! (Vegan and GF)
I’m not the biggest coconut lover, but this curry is soooo creamy and amazing thanks to the cocon...
Turkey sandwich
Day 1/3: Eat Real Food Level I
New recipe: Thai Curry Coconut Soup with Aubergine and Kale
Sorry guys haven’t been here for a while! Been busy lately but I am back and looking forward to s...
middle eastern eggplant roast | Jackie Newgent
"A "tasteovers by jackie" recipe by Jackie Newgent, RDN"
Breakfast sandwich with no added sugar. Sprouted grain bread with spinach avocado and egg.
Day 2/3: Avoid Sugar at Breakfast Level I
Roasted potatoes/garlic are an easy treat. White potatoes have higher glycemic index. Colored ones are typically lower GI.