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I've recently started eating banana oatmeal pancakes for breakfast with a very small addition of dark chocolate chips and I'm OBSESSED! 😋
The bananas don't even let you THINK of adding sugar! I make mine in large batches to save time i...
Is soy the new sugar ?
"Spoiler alert: Soy is everywhere."
Carrot tops are often discarded, they actually are healthy and delicious.
Get Sugar out of your system!
Done with the Refresher of ' No added Sugar Challenge ' Here's what I've learnt : • plan your che...
My new favorite quick meal hack - cooking with cracked wheat!
Cracked wheat is a low glycemic index grain that cooks up super fast just by adding boiling water...
Lady K's fish & this Romain salad was good but next time I'll just bake😋😋😋
Yes, you can make your own soda :)
We hosted a make your own soda workshop today - sparkling water mixed with your favorite combo of...
Lots of water instead
Day 1/3: Avoid Soda Level II
First experiment with chickpea pasta- it was a success!!
Day 17/30: Eat 5 Servings of Fruits & Veggies Per Day Level IV Made a quick sauce to go with chi...
How I Learned to Listen to My Body
When I began to define healthy boundaries and structure for myself - creating my own guide to fol...