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An easy and funny way of eating veggies! Colorful rolled borek s 😊 A combination of cheese, parsley, mashed potatoes and carrots
#FoodRevolution #foodstand @JamieOliversFoodRevolution
Naan bread pizza topped with tomato puree, cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers, green beans and almost spoiling arugula. Perfect study- meal
First kale harvest!
I planted these seedlings less than a month ago and I was already able to harvest enough for dinn...
Here's how to grow potatoes at home
I started growing potatoes in my closet garden after some potatoes from the farmers market that I...
Delicious antipasti made with locally foraged greens.
Layered Ricotta & Grape Tomato and Eggplant Caponata topped w/ Miners Lettuce & Sea Beans w/ Ramp...
The Plaza Hotel
Can you explain the lifecycle of an onion?
Looking for some #kitchentips! I've just learned that onions don't last forever (I knew that, but...
T-minus 2 days until the move! Picked up some #organic seeds for my first garden 💚
These seeds were 2 for £1 at Tiger - I couldn't believe it when I realised they were organic! Had...
Fruits and Nuts chocolate Bark – Johanny's Kitchen
"  I went food shopping to one of my local supermarkets and found these red berries called “Goji ...
Are you ready for this vegetable fried rice? Check the recipe at
"A simple, yet delicious vegetable fried rice perfect for an easy weeknight meal..." #FoodRevolution
Keep shopping for fresh fruits and veggies!